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Possehl Erzonkontor GmbH

Contact: Corinna Leptien
Work Beckergrube 38-52 D-23552 Luebeck Germany Work Phone: +49 - (0) 451 - 148 0 Work Fax: +49 - (0) 451 - 148 355 Website: http://www.erzkontor.com/
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Possehl Erzkontor Group

Since its foundation in 1915 Possehl Erzkontor GmbH has tried to strengthen its position in the market by entering participations and founding or taking over companies. But at the same time it never neglected the steps necessary to trim and adapt the group according to changes that had taken place. Presently the basis of the Possehl Erzkontor group is the international trade centering on all European countries, Africa, North and South America, Southeast Asia and China. It is carried out with the traditional Hanseatic open mind. All group members are highly professional and because of their competence they are considered welcome partners by customers and suppliers, ship owners, forwarding agents, bankers and insurance companies.

The best at your disposal

The best means for us trade in minerals, ores, metals, chemicals and plastic raw materials which we are fetching for you from around the globe – for punctual delivery at your request and at the best possible conditions. All the team, management and staff, feel committed to this task with great passion.

Managing Directors:
Thomas Fuhrberg
Matthias Haupt

Company Registration:
HRB 67 HL, Amtsgericht Lübeck

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