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Companies that provide technology, proprietary equipment, raw materials, and services in support of the production and trading of ore-based metallics.

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Producers of DRI, HBI, Iron Nuggets, and Merchant Pig Iron.

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Companies that buy and sell all types of ore-based metallics.

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Individuals whose careers have furthered the development and growth of the ore-based metallics industry’s.

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Photo of Mr Roy H. Whipp
Mr Roy H. Whipp
President Whipp Technology LLC

Roy was born in Burlington, West Virginia and attended Potomac State College and then WVU. He received a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering and was first in the 1970 class. He was in the Phi Lambda Upsilon (CE), Omega Chi Epsilon (Chem), Tau Beta Pi and the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Roy went to work with EXXON on LNG, LPG and direct-reduction. He went to a direct-reduction plant startup in Venezuela in 1976. Upon return to the US, he worked on two catalytic plant startups. His following work was that of plant manager in Venezuela in 1982 and he did further work there as the construction manager and startup of two direct-reduction plants and as construction manager of a steel mill. His last project was that of a 2 million t/y direct- reduction plant in Venezuela which required 18 million manhours of work with up to 5200 construction workers. He has also developed computer programs for steelmaking optimization which are now used by Tube City. In addition to the United States, Roy has been involved in engineering or plant work in Venezuela, Germany, Austria and Australia. He is presently doing consulting work.

Roy with companies has applied for 130 US and 40 foreign patents in 20 countries for direct-reduction processes. He has five copyrighted computer programs for direct-reduction process simulations/scrap optimization and is author in 55 technical articles presented in conferences or published in magazines in the areas of LNG, direct-reduction, steelmaking and computer usage. He is an author in the ISS book ADirect Reduced Iron@.

Roy belongs to the AIChE and the Iron and Steel Society. He is a member of the Keyser High School Legion of Honor 2001 and Potomac State College Alumni Achievement Award 2002. Roy and his wife Angie live in the area of Orlando, Florida.