Iron Nuggets

Iron Nuggets

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Iron NuggetsAn Overview

Iron Nuggets are an ideal steelmaking and ironcasting feed material. They are essentially all iron and carbon, with almost no gangue (slag) and low levels of metal residuals.

They are a premium grade pig iron product with superior shipping and handling characteristics. They can be shipped in bulk inland or oceangoing vessels, railcars or trucks, and stored outside with no special precautions. They can be handled as a bulk commodity using conventional magnets, conveyors, bucket loaders, clams, and shovels.


Charging to an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), or foundry furnace can be batch or continuous. In the EAF, iron nuggets provide an excellent source of low copper feedstock with consistent chemistry and physical characteristics. They can reduce charging time, increase meltshop productivity, and reduce energy consumption.

Iron nuggets can be used as a charge to a torpedo car or as a BOF coolant or supplemental feed and provide an alternative to conventional Pig Iron (MPI) for foundry furnaces.

ITmk3 Process®

Iron nuggets are produced through the reduction of iron ore in a rotary hearth furnace, using coal as the reductant and energy source.

Iron Nuggets ITmk3® Process Flowsheet

For more detail on the ITmk3® Process for making iron nuggets, click here.

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