21/07/14 – India’s Pig Iron exports surged 35% during Jan-Apr ’14

MUMBAI (Scrap Monster): According to trade statistics, India’s pig iron exports during the first four months of the year surged higher by 35.4% over the previous year. The cumulative exports during the period totaled 377,642 tons. The exports during the month of April alone totaled 67,316 tons.
The exports during April ’14 slumped by 43% when compared with the previous month. The pig iron exports by India had totaled 117,536 tons during April.
During the four-month period, South Korea was the top importer of pig iron from India. The South Korean imports totaled 184,686 tons during Jan-Apr ’14, accounting for 48.9% of the total exports by India. The exports to South Korea declined marginally by 0.4% over the previous year. The second largest export destination of India pig iron was Thailand. The exports to Thailand totaled 118,004 tons, accounting for 31.2% of the total Indian exports. In third place was Taiwan with 34,713 tons.
In April, Thailand imported 38,500 tons of pig iron from India. The other major export destinations were South Korea (26,842 tons), Pakistan (837 tons), Bhutan (662 tons) and Bangladesh (291 tons).

Source – Metal.com