About Us

The International Iron Metallics Association (IIMA) was established by the Hot Briquetted Iron Association (HBIA) and the International Pig Iron Association (IPIA) to provide a unified voice for the ore-based metallics industry.


The International Iron Metallics Association (IIMA) acknowledges the need for a measured transition to a low emissions global economy and recognizes that comprehensive and sustained actions are required to achieve this goal. Therefore, as a member of the World Steel Association (WSA) and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), IIMA will encourage its members to support the aims and goals of the environmental and climate change initiatives of these organizations.

IIMA, through the activities of its Environment Sub-Committee, will strive to summarize the international, national, and industry trends, policies, and procedures in order to inform and educate its membership at large.

Clearinghouse for members – Steel industry actions

Life cycle CO2 emissions of metallics – The effect on iron & steel production

& Issues Managment

International Maratine Organisation – consultive status

Ocean Carriage of DRI A (HBI), B (Pellets & Lump) and C (Fines)

IMSBC Code Compliance (IMO)

Lobbying (Intercargo, BIMCO, P&I Clubs)

REACH Support

Assistance registering iron substances (The Iron Platform)

Monitoring regulations and follow up


the use of ore-based metallics DRI, HBI and Pig Iron


the collective interest of our members

Collect & Present

trade statistics and industry data


a forum for technical co-operation and exchange of views

Guiding Principle of the IIMA

strictly observe anti-trust laws in carrying out all activities related to accomplishing the stated purpose

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