14th China International Steel & Raw Materials Conference – 2014

14th China International Steel and Raw Materials Conference

Halfway through 2014, Chinese steel industry is still faced with a lot of challenges including overcapacity, falling steel price, rising production costs, mounting environmental pressure and the whole industry is running on low profits. The slowdown in Chinese steel production growth, coupled with high steel and iron ore stockpiles,shrinking demand and increasing supply for iron ore, have all added to the expectation for a severe oversupplied market. In addition, the volatile iron ore prices, continuous development of pricing mechanisms and derivatives bring more variables to the shifts and movements of the market.

In such a critical time for the steel and iron ore market, the 14th China Int’l Steel & Raw Materials Conference will bring together all stakeholders from across the entire iron ore chain to discuss major developments in the industry. Join us at this event to keep abreast with key trends and establish new business contacts within the iron ore market.

The main topic areas that will be covered include:

    Status quo of China’s steel industry and its demand for iron ore;
    Short-term forecast for China and global crude steel production;
    The iron ore market and price trends and demand/supply analysis;
    China’s domestic iron ore production and development trend;
    Updates on operation and capacity expansion of global leading iron ore suppliers;
    Latest development on emerging iron ore projects and its impact on global iron ore market;
    China’s overseas iron ore investment and risk management;
    Performance of major steel mills and their raw materials procurement strategy;
    Dry bulk shipping market outlook and forecast on freight rates;
    Development on China’s port capacity expansion and its impact on iron ore seaborne trade;
    Progress on iron ore spot trading platform and development trend;
    Updates on iron ore derivatives market and its impact on the steel industry;
    Demand on iron ore quality following the more stringent environmental protection regulations;
    The evolving iron ore pricing mechanism and its prospect;

    ……and more


Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian,

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